On Squarespace6...

In Web design, I consider myself a first-rate tinkerer as I seldom get beyond the latest tool and complete the project. 

TreyHeath.com has been the biggest thorn in my project pipeline. I've wanted it to be so many different things -- a blog, portfolio, business, resume -- though I've yet to build any of them. 

I tried to buy into the Squarespace ideals of simplicity, but my tinker bug kept bringing me back to the latest responsive Wordpress framework.

Now enter Squarespace6, the latest and greatest CMS from Squarespace. After two weeks of tinkering, I deleted my WordPress project, canceled my hosting and promised Coda that I will never again edit a Wp-Config file. 

I still love Wordpress and will use it at work, but there is not a reason left to tinker with it for my personal projects.

There's no need for me to list the new features and Squarespace6 but I will say it's just the best solution available.

Kudos to Squarespace for giving me a space to tinker, but more importantly a home for my site.