On Giving

Last week, I wrote about fatherhood and the context and joy it has provided to my life. 

With the holiday season now here, we will inevitably begin to think about things we are thankful for and causes worthy of our support. 

Let me be of assistance in this regard. 

Every day on the way to work, I get to pass by St. Jude Chilrden's Research Hospital. The hospital provides some of the best care in the world to kids suffering potentially terminal diagnoses. 

St. Jude does all of this, including supporting the child's family while he or she is seeking care, for no out-of-pocket expenses. Nothing. 

Although this is well documented, one thing that is not typically discussed is that St. Jude is far from undefeated. 

Every year, parents will come to St. Jude with hope they can do the impossible and despite the best care in the world, they will fail leaving behind one of the greatest tragidies one can experience in this world. 

If you have a healthy child, consider giving to St. Jude to show your thanks. 

My good friend Stephen Hackett has documented his son's battle with cancer at St. Jude and it gives me constant perspective to my trials and the pressures of being a father. 

At times, this world can be a dark place, but it doesn't have to be.