Chris Bowler on a "surreal day."

Friday was a busy day at the office, a short staffed kind of day. In the middle of that, my wife started to have chest pains. Several hours later, she was headed to emergency while I stayed at home with our four children. That night, our beloved dog Nacho never came home. Saturday morning, our son started throwing up. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, you know?
And that’s the moment where the temptation to give in comes. As I rolled my eyes upward, the thought comes; “What now, Lord? What else have you got for me?”.

Especially with an infant, I often have days like this where I am consumed by the world and what I perceive to be overhwelming responsibilities.

With all the myriad of sub-cultures the Internet germinates, I can say that Christian geeks have the biggest positive impact on my life. Thanks for the insight.